Guy Tang: Romantic Rose Gold How-to
Stylist and colorist Guy Tang has created a fabulous styling video entitled, "Romantic Rose Gold," which is edgy and salon-friendly at the same time. View his rose-gold formula and master his style techniques in a snap!

First introduced for Valentine’s Day 2014, this color design is now spreading to metropolitan cities and suburbs nationwide. Designed specifically for ombré lovers, Romantic Rose Gold formula and style are client-friendly, easy to achieve and absolutely gorgeous.

“Soft blush pink tones ranging from pink champagne to rose gold, are all the rage. You can see Industrial fashion tones in films like The Hunger Games and on anime characters like Lightening from Final Fantasy. Pink doesn't have to scream neon. You can make it dusty or iridescent and soft! 

Color Formula: Romantic Rose Gold

Formula is based on existing level 9 to 10 ombre highlights.

Guy's toning formula to create the beautiful rose gold shade: Redken Shades EQ 09v and 09rb with a generous amount of Violet Kicker.

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