Emmy Awards How-To: Yael Stone
We loved Yael Stone's neatly coiffed topknot at the 2014 Emmys! So we just had to check in with Oribe stylist Jayson Medina to get the details; here's how you can replicate the style.

Inspired by Orange is the New Black actress Yael Stone’s sleek and textured dress, Oribe hairstylist Jayson Medina created a chic topknot with a fishtail braid base. Check out the step-by-step!



Step 1. Prep hair with Oribe Maximista Thickening Spray.

Step 2. Separate hair into four sections: one large section in the back from ear to ear, and three sections on the top of the head from the brow bone to the crown.

Step 3. Pull the back section up into a high ponytail, using a finishing brush and Superfine Hair Spray to tame any loose hairs.

Step 4. Apply Dry Texturizing Spray to the ponytail and tease the hair to give it more texture.

Step 5. Take a piece of the ponytail out and twist the remaining hair around into a very loose chignon.

Step 6. Braid the remaining piece of the ponytail into a loose fishtail and spray it with Dry Texturizing Spray

Step 7. Wrap the side sections of the hair and pin them around the base of the chignon. Set with Superfine Hair Spray to keep the look sleek and tight.

Step 8. Pull back the section at the top of the head and secure it into place with a little more height.

Step 9. Wrap the fishtail braid around the base of the chignon and secure with hairpins.