Crimson Tide: Taking Red to New Depths
When you think of red hair, a few images may come to mind. These stars are taking this normally fiery hue to new and interesting heights, challenging the way we see red. See our favorite takes on this perfect-for-fall trend.

Are you a natural redhead looking for a change? Or maybe a brunette who wants to spice up her look? Even blondes looking to have a bit more fun can opt for this dramatic shade. 

A deep crimson red flatters most skin tones and can stand in as a brunette substitute. Most women change their haircolor to suit the season, going blonde in spring/summer and brunette for fall/winter. You can incorporate subtle shades of red into these looks to add a bit more interest and a slight deviation from your normal shade. 

These stars show us that red is to be embraced, not feared. There is a complimentary shade for every skin type that acts as an instant skin brightener. Make sure to ask your colorist for suggestions on new makeup looks to try or even new clothing colors to incorporate to get the most of your red makeover. 

Pro Tip: A color-depositing shampoo will keep your dark red “in the black” and reduce fading!