Fiery Beauties
There's just something about a redhead that grabs everyone's attention. Not all of us are blessed with this seemingly rare hue, but some lucky ladies hit the genetic jackpot. Among celebs, some are naturally ginger-hued and some aren't....but can you really tell the difference? See all of our favorite celeb redheads, here.

Even if you weren't born red, it's easy to fake it! Going red doesn't have to mean a drastic change, either, as the ladies in our gallery prove. A subtle, natural shade can warm you up and give you a a rosy glow without the risk of fading too quickly. 

From strawberry blonde to warm copper, there is a natural red for everyone! Setting up a consultation with your colorist will make sure that the red you choose will compliment your skin tone, eye color and clothing style. Be sure to ask about the best way to care for your new color, as reds have a tendency to fade without proper after-care.