The A-List: Long Layers
Long legs, a hot modeling career, Tom Brady....These are just some of the things we want that Gisele Bundchen has. Number 1 on that list? Long, luscious layers! Here are a few of our favorite looks from this hairstyle A-lister.

When thinking about what makes a perfect long-layered style, a few things come to mind: movement, fullness and how the hair frames the face. Gisele Bundchen has rocked her signature mane for the majority of her career, and for good reason -- her strands check all of the boxes. We may not be as genetically blessed as Mrs. Brady, but we can at least take a cue from her stylist and master the long-layered cut for ourselves!

Works Best On: Any hair type. Long layers add body to fine hair, texture and structure to thick hair and can help keep curls in shape.

What to Avoid: Too many layers in the back; this could give you a mullet effect.


Rules of Thumb: