Mermaid Manes: Seafoam Green Hues to Dye For
Is a mermaid-esque teal the hottest new hue for edgy chicks? Signs are pointing to yes! Several celebs have rocked the shade in recent months, plus Manic Panic is offering a fresh shade that embraces ever-stunning seafoam.

It's not just for Sailor Neptune enthusiasts anymore: Unapologetic shades of seafoam green are making waves—and for good reason. They have all the charisma of hot pinks or demure lavenders—both wild haircolor staples of late—plus a quirky, unexpected vibe that's less feminine and more futuristic.

As what you might even call proof of the trend's staying power, DIY mainstay Manic Panic has jumped onto the boat, releasing the newest shade in its High Voltage range: Siren's Song. Are you daring enough to take the seafoam plunge? Some extreme color MVPs in the celeb world are diving head-first! Note Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Madonna offspring Lourdes Leon, French actress Lea Seydoux and Vanessa Hudgens have all sported seafoam highlights or even an all-over wash of teal. Check out our gallery for inspiration!



Photos: Getty Images & Instagram