Tipping Point
Few things in hair are more fun than rocking a really creative color. Unfortunately, your lovely lavender locks may not go over so well with the corner office. Here are a few ways to incorporate creative color into your look without going in head first.

How many hours have you spent wistfully scrolling through Pinterest, dreaming of the perfect pastel hue, only to remember that your 9-to-5 isn’t exactly “non-traditional color friendly”.

You can still get the pastel effect (without the commitment) by incorporating small pieces of color, focused only on your ends. Click through the gallery to see some of our favorite pastel-tips from around the web.

Still don’t want to commit your tips? Hair chalk gives you the same effect, without the risk of fading. Simply glide the chalk over your ends, seal it with a flat iron and a mist on a spritz of hairspray. Voila! Peeks of color without any tricky consequences! See our guide to hair chalk for some of our favorite brands. 

Looking for something a little longer lasting?