Naomi Watts Radiates
Naomi Watts flaunted a chic, modern look reminiscent of Grace Kelly at the recent Oscar Awards

Celebrity hair stylist, Giannandrea, whose roster of clients includes Emmy Rossum, Chrissy Teigen and Naomi Watts, styled Watt's hair for the 86th Academy Awards.

His collection of choice: Macadamia Natural Oil products.

Wearing a stunning white Calvin Klein Collection gown, Watts dazzled with her sleek and chic slicked-to-the-side hairstyle. Giannandrea went for a mode, elegant look. "The inspiration behind Naomi's look was Grace Kelly. I wanted that Grace Kelly elegance that Naomi possesses to shine through" says Giannandrea.

To get-the-look, Giannandrea started with a large round brush to boost volume from the roots using Macadamia Natural Oil's large Boar Hot Curling Brush (43mm).

He rolled three 1-inch sections at the front of Watt's hair in Velcro rollers and sprayed with Macadamia Natural Oil Control hairspray for added volume and control.

Giannandrea continued by blow-drying the rest of Watt's hair and smoothing it down with Macadamia Natural Oil Healing Oil Treatment for added shine, then flat-ironing down the side and all the way through for added length. After letting the rollers sit, he unraveled and brush-swept hair to the side, creating a deep side part and finishing off with Control hairspray.

Create the Look:

1. Blow-dry hair with large round brush

2. Separate front of hair into 1-inch sections and roll in 3 Velcro rollers to create volume on top, spraying Control hairspray

3. Let rollers sit and flat iron hair, using Healing Oil Treatment as a finisher to create shine down the side and all the way through the length

4. Unroll rollers and brush hair back all the way through the ears, creating a deep side part

5. Finish with Control hairspray

Products used: