"COLLECTIONS," the book


ENJOY! This style-savvy Reception Area Album features a chic showcase of the industry's most cutting-edge commercial hairstyles created by topnotch stylists that hail from Europe and the US
LEARN! The style showcase is conveniently arranged in 4 easy-to-follow sections for short hair, medium hair, long hair and gala looks.

The hard cover edition is offered in English, Spanish and French.

"COLLECTIONS", the book
This glossy photo book starts HAIR'S HOW's comprehensive series of professional styling books.

This hairstyling book presents 130 of the best styles that hail from the latest hair collections from the portfolios of top hairstylists worldwide.
Inside you'll discover a variety of styles for all hair lengths and types, including short, long, curly, straight, obedient and rebellious.

  ● 130 hairstyles are presented
  ● 2 languages - English & Spanish
  ● Hard cover
  ● 120 pages
  ● Format
10" x 13 1/2"

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