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Editorial Hairstyles we love!

Hair artists and photographers plus all the talent that creates hot editorial styles have our utmost respect. We salute all of you!

Gorgeous retro pageboy by stylist Philip Bell and photographer John Rawson. Love!
Here's a rare glimpse at the making of Sirens, by Babak (photog) and Amy Freudenberg (stylist). Love this pic! Scroll down for pics from the finished shoot. smiles.
Babak has collaborated with so many wonderful artists to create amazing collections, but this one (in our minds) with stylist Amy Freudenberg is one of his best. Inspired by Sirens of Treasure Island, their updated story shifts from an old-fashioned shipwreck to car trouble.
Award-winning stylist Tatiana Nitchenko. Beautiful hair shot! (front of style)
There are collections we're wowed by and then there are those that never completely leave our minds. One such collection is by Babak and Amy Freudenberg. Inspired by Sirens of Treasure Island, this dynamic pairing brought the concept to modern day. Instead of a shipwreck, these deadly sirens pretend to run out of gas. We pity the men who help them!
Wonderful upstyle by Tatiana Nitchenko (Back/side view)
In Greek mythology, the sirens lured sailors to their death by singing mesmerizing songs that no man could resist. Babak and Amy Freudenberg's modern take did the same with a violin! We luv that they kept one prop from the Sirens of Treasure Island -- a rope ladder!

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