Amanda Stone's winning color design
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Show Us Your VIVIDS!

First-place winner Amanda Stone wows Brig Van Osten and Pravana with her colorful command of VIVIDS.

November/December 2012 Find in
November/December 2012

Stylist and makeup artist Amanda Stone, who plies her Scraft at the Luma Salon in Altamonte, Florida, is on a beauty roll.

Following her international win at Sebastian’s "What's Next Award" in Berlin, Stone managed to ice her proverbial cake by placing fi rst in Pravana’s “Show Us Your VIVIDS” contest.

HOT’s opinion: Pravana knows how to pick a winner.

“I was at the Premiere Show in Orlando, when I saw Brig demonstrating VIVIDS and talking about the contest,” smiles Stone. “Because I love intense haircolor, I knew right away that I wanted to enter. Four days before the contest ended, I fi nally found the right model who told me, ‘You can paint a rainbow on my hair, if you want to. I’m up for whatever you want to do.’ Even so, we discussed the color combinations fi rst, as I wanted to make sure she would be happy with the outcome and continue wearing the design—at least for awhile.”

Stone, who’s been a licensed professional since 2008, has made entering contests one of her top career goals.

“I want to be recognized in order to take advantage of all the great opportunities that abound in our industry,” notes Stone. “For ‘Show Us Your VIVIDS,’ I was inspired by brightly colored birds and the way the feathers lay and transition into each other. To accomplish this, I carefully chose the colors that would be next to each other to ensure they were compatible. I applied each VIVIDS color one at a time and then blended the perimeters of the sections to create seamless transitions. I also allowed the colors to bleed onto each other when I shampooed to create an interesting combination of hues.”

Intel: Stone’s complete formula for her winning Colorful Birds, as well as those of second-place winner Mike Reamer’s Calm Before the Storm and Maria Santana’s My Cotton Candy Ice Cream Pony, are posted on HOT’s Website:!

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